Friday, November 23, 2012

Pie Day

Happy Thanksgiving!  This was our first Thanksgiving to spend away from family, so we spent the holiday with some old and new friends from our ward.  Our hosts, the dear Gregersens, are our new role models, and are 100% the couple we want to become.  The spread was beautiful and the meal was delicious, except I got some flu bug just before we sat down to eat, so I missed out on the entire meal!  Well, I had a few bites.  What a let down.  At least I got pictures!
Behold, the 16th rainbow ribbon jello I've made?  It takes over 8+ hours of diligence, so it only happens once a year.  I do believe it looks best in a trifle bowl.
Now THAT's a Thanksgiving dinner.
(The favorite pie of the night was actually NOT my blueberry pie, but the chocolate one behind it!  Thank you Mom Millar for the Lion House Pies recipe book that I finally had a chance to use!  These recipes are definitely repeats)

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Natalie and Steve said...

Oh boo on getting sick! That's sad. I hope you're feeling better.