Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 in 6 for 16 - NOVEMBER

Finally!  I can end this silly project!  I confess I had much more enthusiasm about this 6 in 6 challenge six months ago.  At the time, I wanted to keep doing this the whole year long, but I've found some other projects that are a little more exciting to me since then.  And hot dog, look at that!  $15.95/outfit!  Couldn't have been much closer to $16 if I tried.  

This month also started out with a fail.  The original top I planned was a pretty fall floral print, but it had too much white, not enough vintage cream in it, didn't really work.  So on to the green, which is not homemade, but I make the rules since its my self-inflicted challenge in the first place.


The $390 Chloe inspiration skirt:

Flared orange skirt

I made a mock-up first out of anything ugly from my scrap stash, then picked it apart to use as my pattern.

Mine turned out a little more frumpy, but it was my poor decision to use linen.  It may be a wrinkle fest, and I wanted to find something a little more tangerine (you know, Pantone's 2012 color of the year), but I still think I'll keep this one around :).


Jami said...

Cute skirt! I'm always changing my interests when I have projects set up, haha that's why I have a quilt ready to assemble but I just like sewing other things more right now :D Cute hair!

Diana said...

Cute outfit! And your hair is adorable, too. I love it!

Natalie and Steve said...

Love it. And I don't think it looks frumpy. You make everything look good!

Jessica and McKay said...

This is seriously SO CUTE!