Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mr. Millar

Jason has put in a request for a blog post about Jason, so here's a little project he's been helping me with doing for me.  I recently got some majestic and almost obnoxiously too big wood letters to make a big "MILLAR" stand for our living room.  They were free review items (and you can enter to win your own lettering this week HERE...), from a cute shop called Craft Cuts.

 I think they actually work great for this space we have above our door frames.  We'll just make sure wherever we move next has just such a space to put a 5-foot long shrine to the Millar family!
Ok, more on Jason.  Mr. Millar is a stud and has been going to the gym a lot more before studying for CFA III kicks in after the holidays.  Work is picking up and will be pretty crazy until the end of the month, and then blessed December is basically nap time at work for the entire company.  Looking forward to having dinner as a family for atleast one month of the year.  J spends almost all his free time researching how to save money, whether its switching our car insurance, taking ourselves off AT&T and putting me on a $10/month phone plan, or converting over to heating our house with space heaters instead of central gas.  He has spent hours looking up the next car we should buy based on our projected family growth.  His idol is Mr. Money Mustache, who writes a blog about how he retired at 29 because of all his wise money choices.

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Diana said...

Maybe Jason can help me save some money, too, since he's so good at it ;) I hope you guys have a great December and enjoy the holidays. It will be a much deserved break for your family.