Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Letter to my Younger, Newly Betrothed Self

Dear newly betrothed self,

Congratulations on finally getting a man, you old maid :)  Just so you know, Jason was worth the wait and endless journal entries of how woefully single your lonely little life is.  Thanks for not settling, you won't be sorry.

Keep in mind that you will both be better people in four years.  You will understand the other much better, know their insecurities even more, know how to help and when you should drop a matter altogether.

Don't let yourself be bothered by how many times Jason will leave the car lights on, because you will rack up several careless parking violations yourself.  I know you are worried about the little things, but trust me, these are shortcomings that will be easily overlooked as soon as you taste his cream cheese chicken.
Don't get discouraged when you feel you will never get pregnant.  Don't lose hope when you miscarry.  More little bundles are on their way!
  Money will get really tight, and you both will be really scared, but it will always work out.  There will be times you'll be frustrated with each other, but there will be times that Jason will melt your heart like butter. 

If you ever wonder what your marriage will be like four years from now, know that it is stronger, better, and as happy as ever.  You never need to doubt that you made the best decision of your life.

Love, your happily married self of four years

PS--Its not a good idea to color your hair the week before your wedding, and don't go to that one nail salon for a wedding manicure, just do it yourself.  Wear warm stockings under your wedding dress, and don't forget to pack a WHITE bra, you silly girl.


Natalie and Steve said...

Happy happy happy happy anniversary! I got a little teary-eyed at your comments and I'm sorry I was so sick that I missed the chance to tease you about not having a white bra.

Love you!

Travis said...

This is fun :) Wish I could read the one from 4-years away Travis! 1