Sunday, July 25, 2010

Millar Reunion

Then we got together with Jason's side of the family! We went to the Hogle zoo, reserved a movie and game room at Noah's for an afternoon, went on a hike, had picnics, went to the Gateway for museums and shopping, had church up in the canyon, and took some great family pictures (also to come)!The Millar siblings--Diana, Brett, Carla, Jason, KatiPing pong at Noah's

We love vacations and family reunions! 3 weeks of it was just about right, and we all came home exhausted. Now we're back in Houston for a few more weeks while Jason finishes up the internship. I'm heading back to Provo mid-August to move apartments: Our landlady is in fact, not kicking us out of our apartment because we're having a baby, and actually invited us to the upstairs apartment, which is quite an upgrade. I can't wait to show you all pictures--I'm so excited to have windows!!

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