Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bags for Sale!

One project that has kept me entertained here has been making hoop purses out of fabric scraps. Do you recognize some of these prints, mom? :)
I found the hoops at a closing craft store for $.30/each, so the cost to me was minimal, and I'm just so glad to put some scraps to good use.

One of my favorite parts was naming these bags after all my friends and family! (Sorry Janae, don't be offended that I named the spacey alien one after you--its only because they're lime green aliens :)

These are all for sale on my previously abandoned Etsy website: www.dearmistergable.etsy.com Spread the word!


Nae said...

I love it! I couldn't ever be offended anyway because one of my nicknames in junior high was Janalien. It's way cute! :)

Em said...

Hey! I LOVE the Emily Bag! :) Very cute and so are you Mrs. Pregnant Woman! I'm so excited to see you next month! LOVE! EM

Sabrina said...

I am really tempted to by my namesake bag. They are all super cute!