Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in Utah

We've been busy for the last few weeks, vacationing in Utah! Is it still a vacation if you go back to where you just came from? LOTS of pictures to come of hanging out with my family, Aspen Grove, my grandparents' 50th anniversary, and Bear Lake. And this morning begins the Millar reunion! Everything stacked up so nicely, its as if everyone planned with just us in mind. Last night Jason and I had an open evening between events, so we made a date night. Anyone heard of these "Starving Student" cards? They cost about $20 and are full of coupons to use throughout the Utah Valley, from free hair cuts, to show tickets, to golfing ranges. Because of a mistake on their part, we got 2 in the mail, and have loved using them up all year. Last night we went to a Mexican cafe for free "tacos al pastor", then to Burgers supreme for 2 free medium fries, then to Taco Time for 2 free orders of crustos. Not nutritious at all, but 3-course dates for the cost of the gas to get there is just my style.

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