Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aspen Grove

Our 3 weeks of vacation started with a week of Aspen Grove with my family! This was the 4th year I've been up with my family, so it was fun being able to show Jason around this time. We love Aspen Grove!
Trying out fishing one morning. Don't I look like a natural? Haha Hiking up to Timp Falls
The week was full of tournaments against other people at the camp that week. The boys tried out raquetball, ping pong, badminton, etc. and got well into the finals. Mom and I were quickly eliminated in our doubles ping-pong competition.
Travis & Jason did great in horseshoes!The food was of course, wonderful.
We tried out the pottery one morning! This was right after my lovely vase flung off the wheel, boo. Jason made an awesome goblet/cup.
Aspen Follies!
And the ropes course!
What a great week it was!

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Natalie said...

Wow Cami! Not many people wear a skirt to go fishing!