Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hancock Reunion

We checked out of Aspen Grove, and tried out "Jump On It"--a huge gym of trampolines! My favorite part was when the twins ran up to us and exclaimed, "Mom, this is AWESOME!!!"Then we drove up to North Ogden for my grandparents' 50 Anniversary celebration!Seeing both of my grandmothers displaying their wedding dress at their 50th makes me want to keep mine instead of cutting it up for baby blessing dresses. My grandma (Lynnnette--my middle name) dressed so cute! I couldn't get enough of her adorable outfits in pictures.Then we drove up to Bear Lake! We had a beautiful 12-room lodge for the big reunion called Beaver Creek Lodge. The Hancock grandkids in order, minus 3 missionaries and Travis. (I love being the oldest grandchild on this side--our baby will be the first great-grandchild!)

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Natalie said...

Cute grandkids picture!