Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scripture Bag

I always seem to take plenty more than just scriptures to church--I need my manual, or the Ensign, or my agenda to write in what night is Cooking Club, or a baggie of fruit loops, right? I also hated having to unzip and zip and unzip and zip every hour. My weaksauce leather scripture case just wasn't cutting it. So I made this one to be able to fit everything, and still not look like a beach bag, so I kept the rectangular shape, and put some tough composition book board between the layers to give it structure. Does it surprise you that there's ribbon and polka dots all over it? And part of me still wants to add a bright canary yellow bow to it. I can't help it.

I actually took this to a boutique along with several other things I could make and sell there, and this was the item they liked the most. I'd be tempted to mass produce them for this boutique if they didn't want to charge 20% AND $100/month just to sell there. Lame.


Elise said...

20% and 100 dollars a month? That is insane! Maybe I just don't understand the market very well. But I love the idea of a bright canary bow. It would definitely be you and it would definitely make the whole thing pop. I love the mixture of fabrics and embellishments you have.

Anonymous said...

I am actually interested in buying one! I can't never find one that I like... and I like that! Reilly.Butler@gmail.com shoot me an email and let me know how much you would like to charge! But I just LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Can't ever*

Mego said...

Super Cute Cami!