Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dish Man

Back when we were engaged, we were talking about things you're supposed to talk about, like how are we going to budget, how many kids we're going to have, and how are we going to handle things like taking the trash out, the food shopping, the meal-making, and the dishes. Then it was JASON who came up with this compromise that I think was the best deal I have ever made: I would do all the cooking and Jason would do all the dishes! What a compromise, right?! But this isn't just rinsing and throwing things into the dishwasher, because of course, our basement was remodled into an apartment in the 20's, hence the original sink and bathtub and plumbing: no dishwasher. So it makes him even more of a hero.
I love you, I love you, Dish Man!

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A Close Family said...

Awesome, we have the same deal! I love it! I don't mind cooking and cade likes good food, so it all works out :).