Thursday, February 18, 2010

And Now, a Blog About Jason

I promise I have a husband, and that we live together. I just can't seem to get him in any pictures recently. Except for this one, as I'm making him try on the men's clothing I'm working on. (This one is for the pirate wedding. We had to make sure the colors are ok with the bride. More to come). My female mannequins just aren't substantial, and he makes such a good model.
Jason continues to be the most charming husband! I love him more everyday and he treats me so well. Since we were in Idaho for the weekend of a crazy week, we moved V-day to today. Jason sent me flowers to my 1st period class (I LOVE when he does that!), then another rose when he got home, then gave me a darling Build-a-Bear for when we're apart! Isn't he cute?! I can't decide if my favorite feature is him holding a bouquet of roses, or that his skinny tie is silky on the back. Just in time, because I leave in the morning for a 2-day UACTE Conference in St. George, and now I can still have a cuddle buddy.My favorite part of the flowers: I guess the florist got confused and wrote, "Love, Josh", but it totally looks like Jason's handwriting. Josh, who's Josh?

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Natalie said...

Your male mannequin is married.