Monday, March 24, 2014

Noteworthy Celtic Ice Cream

To quote Braden: "A person needs three things to be happy--someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."  How blessed I am to have so many boys to love, SO much to do, and exciting things to look forward to!  Starting with a visit to Provo next month to sing in the NW 10-Year Reunion Concert!!! 
I am ECSTATIC about getting to see all my best friends from college, relive our Noteworthy memories and best moments, and perform again!!!  Parley is not such a fun of all the practicing going on around here.  Its a lot of "nyaps", "do-do-dos", and trumpet bleeps.  Did that just make me sound like a major nerd?
With Marc visiting for a week, we tried a couple recipes of homemade ice cream.  On the right: Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.  Major success.  We also went to a Celtics game!!  All fun and games until some guy spilled his beer all over Jason :(
One Sunday, I made a skirt out of an old mauve scarf and a bundle of lace!

I think this picture summarizes how we've spent the last 6 months of indoor entertainment.  Let us out!

Jason had some sort of "wear a bow tie to work" day and picked out this fun stripe print.  He kindly helped me turn it inside out during Dancing with the Stars.  This season is going to be SO GOOD!!  I am willingly giving up all my Monday nights for the next few weeks to be completely entertained and dazzled with dancing and glitter!!

Primary is a blast.  Every Sunday is just a chaotic swirl of kids and craziness!  My counselors and I had a painting night and made these cute frames to give each child on their birthday.  Jason is "Super Dad of the Year" every Sunday while I disappear basically all morning for meetings and then scramble around like a lunatic racing potty-training 3-year-olds to their parents for bathroom visits, finding last-minute substitutes, and breaking up wrestling matches on the floor.
We'll end this post with a good date night picture:
Consume less.  Perfect.


Natalie and Steve said...

I'm pretty excited about this season of DWTS too!! I'll have to see if I can watch one of those episodes from my hospital in a few weeks!

Camille said...

Haha, how funny, that's the same thought I had when I was due in the middle of DWTS season! So soon, Natalie!!