Sunday, March 23, 2014

Palm Readings and Pizza

Time for an update!  I'll forgo the apology about disappearing for a few weeks.  Busy, stressed, blah blah blah.  I tell people that life is really beating me up right now, but in a good way.  How great to be leading a life this is so FULL, BUSY, and EXCITING!!  Well, well, let's see where we left off.  Before Vegas, we were still being pummeled with snow storms.  I don't think I left the house for a solid six days in a row.  Jan/Feb is all about hibernating indoors!
Date night: palm readings! The pshycic predicted 3 kids for us, some real estate endeavors, Jason living til he's 80 and missing that upcoming wedding!  Coincidentally, one of his flights was completely canceled and I thought she'd be right!  But it all turned out ok. 
We also threw our bi-annual Olympic Party with some friends, complete with five Olympic ring pizzas during the Opening Ceremonies.  Great Olympics this year, huh?!  In Ohio, the boys soaked up every minute at Grandma's house, and really had the time of their lives...
...while I fit in a good thrift.  Literally, EVERY time I've visited home since I left for college (10 years ago?), I've sneaked in a trip to the Village Discount Outlet.  I'm confident that almost half of my wardrobe and shoe stash came from here.  Dozens of dresses and skirts started from one of these $2 bundles of sheets.  On the right: skating night fruit pizza with mom.
RIT dying has become a favorite pasttime, and also from the thrift store, I found a cute foam chair for Parley that I recovered with leftover upholstery fabric from a client job.  These chairs (in kitschy commercial prints) are sold in stores for over $35!  Our version: $3.
And my kids are adorable.  But you already knew that.  When Marc was in town for Spring Break, we ventured to the Museum of Science.  Lincoln spent the majority of the time in the space capsule, and Parley was fascinated by the dinosaurs!


Diana said...

Seeing all these cute pictures together makes me smile and happy that I'm part of your life in a little way :) You sure do look like you lead a fun and exciting life!

Camille said...

Diana, you're a part of our lives in a BIG way, and we love it!

Natalie and Steve said...

I need to learn to make those fruit/veggie pizzas. They're always so tasty!