Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy April!

Its finally starting to look like Spring around here, and we couldn't be happier about it!  Especially Lincoln, who filled up his entire Potty Chart and earned a BIKE!!!  Potty training was actually not at all as hard as I thought it would be.  I seriously have been absolutely dreading it since the moment I found out he we was a boy in the womb.
This was a really fun commissioned job for a birthday girl in Ohio--an Elsa dress!  I broke down and bought myself a ruffler foot, and I can't believe I've ever lived without one.  Oh right, I have boys!  No ruffles.
 These were "Goodmorning Muffins" that I baked for Jason's team at work.  At home, we're really into building forts, ships, trains, and as seen below, airplanes!!  Our favorite place to travel is the jungle where we land a do a leopard puzzle.  Every time.  These kids are a blast.

We had a family night at the pool!   I love seeing Jason teach our boys new things.  He got Lincoln to do all sorts of brave things.  Parley is a natural water rat.

I took these pictures to show the new gym clothes I was reviewing for a giveaway, but here's a look into our weekly routine.  We have been loving the Easty Y!  Because of their awesome daycare, I've been going three days/week, fitting in a 5k every Saturday.  Jason joins us on the weekends and we look like a cute little healthy family.
 Our bedroom got another little facelift, courtesy of Brylane Home.
I set out to make a whole bunch of pillows, and kind of lost steam after the first one.  Recognize the leftovers from making that wedding dress a few years back?
Speaking of lace, this was a fun idea that turned out well: take a portion of lace and clip it into the shape you want, spray-starch it on both sides, and hand-sew onto a taupe ribbon.  
Aaaaaaaaand, Lincoln was a champ at his first dentist appt. this morning!  It probably helped to have that TV screen a few feet from his face.  Squeaky clean teeth!  Grandpa Richardson would be proud.

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Natalie and Steve said...

You are WAY too cute sometimes. I love that your boys make creative things out of spaceships.

And now I have to go make muffins. Because I'm pregnant. And it sounds good.