Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Vegas Wedding

Oh how I LOVE a good wedding!!  Aren't these two darling?
It was a most beautiful day and the loveliest ceremony.  Lauren is the PERFECT girl for Braden, and I am just tickled to have her as my new sister!
 Poor Braden caught a virus two weeks prior, and came down with a bout of Bell's Palsy that left one side of his face a little droopy.  Probably only his family member could tell, but what poor timing!
 Didn't stop them from getting some gorgeous pictures.
 Oh, young love!

 Look at us grow in numbers!

 Braden just accepted a summer internship at MIT Lincoln Labs, so the two of them will be coming to Boston to play with us this summer!!!!   I'm thrilled!  How fun to be in the same ward and spend all summer at the beach with Lauren :)
 My three dashing men!
 Two lovely receptions--Lauren's home and then in Ohio.
Jason flew home to work the week out, and the rest of us vanned home and chilled for a week at Grandma's house!  My boys are just crazy about their uncles.  We put on the Ohio reception the next weekend and mom talked me into singing some sweet jazz for live music.  Parley only once found his way to the soundboard :)

Jason was camera-man, hence a little more flirting than usual!


Natalie and Steve said...

Whoa! I never would have known about the Bell's Palsy if you hadn't said something. My dad had that a couple of years ago, but seriously--poor timing! The pictures look great and your voice is, as always, just lovely.

Camille said...

Thanks Natalie! You're the sweetest! Ya, I remember hearing about your Dad with that. Crazy stuff. How many more weeks, Natalie?!

Kashia Palmer said...

Umm I almost forgot how beautiful your voice is! Great job girl!