Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Things We Do for the People We Love

92+ hours in the car!  Lincoln and I drove to Ohio (14 hours), then immediately hopped aboard the big red van and drove another 32+.  Along the way, I picked up a Pittsburgh "You Are Here" mug, and got so excited about it that I totally missed the next exit direction and we detoured through the backroads of Pennsylvania for nearly a half hour!
My little brothers are nuts.  What a blast we all had together!  As you can see, Evan (far left) is doing great is well recovered from his brain surgery.  Its good to see him as his normal self :)

We met up with the lucky duck and his lap child who got to fly in for the weekend!  We had a fun mini-family vacation around Vegas for a day, and that night we all met up for the wedding dinner:
 I can't tell you how much this picture warms my heart!  The three of us oldest siblings with our spouses!  Oh how I love my two newest sisters!
 The next morning at the temple!  There's nothing like a beautiful temple marriage to fill you with sunshine, and like the sealer said, be reminded about what really matters in this life!

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Diana said...

Such a cute family! You really are a great sibling to drive that far.