Monday, July 1, 2013

Fenway Fun and a Stroller Story

Jason's summer work party this year was at Fenway Park!  Because it was a game day, we weren't allowed on the field, but they basically opened up the concessions and we could eat to our heart's content! 
 We're just itching to go to a Red Sox game now!  Should we take Lincoln?  Has anyone taken an almost 3-yr old to a baseball game and would recommend it?
Cute us.  This brings me to my stroller story.  I am over the moon about our upgrade!  I know this dialogue is only relevant to you if you are into double strollers, but I'll give you my two cents.  We bought the Jeep Double because of its claimed 'lightweight' structure and incredibly small collapsed dimensions (specifically for our Hyundai), but it was really unbearable to push.  Hard to steer, hard to turn, heavy heavy heavy, awkward, etc.  It was probably a cushy ride for the boys, but really not designed for short moms I guess.  A little Craigslist shuffle, and I got myself a practically new InStep Safari Jogger, and it is a DREAM!!!
I may never go back to anything else.  City people just HAVE to get joggers.  I ain't no mall walker.  I'm a swerving, subway-ridin, street-cruisin, sidewalk-jumpin crazy city mom!  And I love my stroller!


Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I have a Jeep jogging stroller...just a single rider. It is cool because it has speakers. I just plug in my ipod or cell phone and Beckham and I can rock out to music! The bummer doesn't fold up very small. In fact I can't put it in my trunk. I have to put it in the back seat with the passenger seat pulled all the way forward. LAME! Also, it doesn't have a swivel front wheel. That makes it tough for any kind of jogging that isn't on a straight path or slightly curved path. Anytime I get to a corner I have to stop and swivel it on one wheel. GRR! And to top that off, I have had 4 flat tires because of stickers. Double grr! I am going to make sure I get a better jogger when baby #2 comes around. Maybe by then you will be on baby #3 and I can buy yours ;)

Unknown said...

Alright, I'm sold! I want the jogging stroller! Where's the dandy giveaway link...?

Camille said...

Braden, you're funny :) Not EVERYTHING I own is a free review item :) Just most of them.

Crissa--Definitely try this one out when you get to 2-baby status! But no way, I'm holding on to this one! When #3 comes, L is getting kicked out, but there will always be two riders. This has a carseat carrier attachment too, so its good for littles! Check your craigslist now!