Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 4th of "Gee, thanks for visiting Ohiopyle!"

Family pile-up in Ohiopyle, PA!  

Only so appropriately named, considering the funniest part was when 12 of us piled on to Travis and Holly's bed and totally broke it to pieces.  Below is just before the break, and then us using the broken boards for firewood.  Yup.  Don't worry, Dad went out the next morning, bought all new tools, and basically rebuilt them a better bed than the first.

In the fall, Jason's shins landed on the side board and the swelling was so bad, it practically gave him a 3rd knee!  See, this family vacation was kind of a pick-on-Jason-cation.  It all started with our first excursion: natural waterslides! 
These were super cool, and actually pretty dangerous!  

We all made it out alive, except that on J's ride, he lost one of his contacts (and had to go one-eyed for much of the vacation), AND HE LOST HIS WEDDING RING.  Boo hoo.  We were sad for a minute, pretended to look around, soon realized it was a lost cause, then started getting excited about shopping for another one.  We're just so glad it wasn't mine. 
Uncle love:

Day 2: White water rafting!
It was the first time for a lot of us, and besides some burned knees, we all had a blast!  Favorite part: when we hit an unexpected rock and the entire left side of the raft fell in and we had to be rescued!  While we were swimming and frying, Grandpa and Grandma took our boys on a bike ride!
See below video:

More hot-tubbing, caving, game-playing, eating, watch-making, and teasing, and gee, what a swell way to spend the 4th :)
Let's do it all over again!  Millar family reunion next week!!!


Kashia Palmer said...

Camille! You look so cute and tiny!!

Camille said...

Oh Kashia, you know just the right compliments to give! Thank you!