Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day at the Zoo

I don't know who was more excited: Lincoln or his parents!  Ever since he's been able to label animals, we were dying to take him to see some real ones!  We visited the Franklin Park Zoo last Saturday and had a great time.
 The petting zoo was the best place to start, and the enthusiasm about seeing real sheep was adorable!
The Butterfly Atrium was really beautiful and we got to see one hatch, or rather, crawl out of his cocoon.  Moms love that.
 Parley with the chickens and Link with the lion.  Funny how they seem to resemble each other to me!
 Isn't this last picture impressive?!  Parley was mesmerized by this giant gorilla.

We love the zoo!

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Diana said...

I would be mesmerized by that gorilla, too! That's crazy!