Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 Tutorial time again!  Is it weird that I've always wanted a book safe?  Maybe because I don't really have a passion for books, I don't feel heartless slicing them up.


Step One: Find a book.  Our library does 3 hardbacks for $1.
 Step Two: Wrap the front and back covers in plastic bags, then paint the three sides with glue.
 Step Three: Clamp it for atleast an hour.


Step Four: Hack away!  We started burning it with the Dremmel, but after the 4th smoke alarm in 10 minutes, we figured we'd leave the neighbors alone and just take a blade to it. 
Do you know which book contains my treasures!? 


Emily said...

haha my brother made one of these in high school. he would put his cd player in, string the headphones up his sleeve, and put his head on the book like he was sleeping in study hall.

Adam B said...

I made one and kept my candy hidden in it, so my siblings wouldn't steal it.