Thursday, January 5, 2012

Its all Fun and Games

And then the games really began.  We ate and played and teased and ate and played.
 We all got to be there for Evan's Eagle Court of Honor!  Good job little brother!

Lincoln started Christmas morning with a bad fever and slept most of the day.  We soon noticed he had atleast SIX teeth coming in all at once!  With this on top of a cough and runny nose, he was pretty miserable.  I took him to the doctor yesterday and turns out he also has possible thrush and TWO ear infections.  What a rotten way to spend vacation!  Get better soon, Link Link!
 My mom took all the girls to go get pedicures and frozen yogurt!  (I picked sparkly Barbie pink)  Oh what fun to have more girls in the house! 

 Jason and I were in charge of New Years games, so we pulled out some Newlywed Game questions, and it was surprisingly a very even match between all four couples, regardless of being married 26 years or having dated less than 3 months!
 Young's Dairy for ice cream and hitting petting the cows.  We'll work on that.

 Hiking through Clifton Gorge
Travis & Kelli,
Braden & Julia,
sittin in a tree, k...i...
Happy New Years!!


Natalie and Steve said...

I enjoyed your post. Sorry to the cows. We were going to stop there on the way home from Columbus to Chicago, but our kids were both zonked out. Maybe next time.

Travis said...

Ha this is awesome. Love the bubble comments :)