Monday, January 9, 2012


Our dear bird Edna Mode had a rough Thanksgiving.  Did I mention she had this dangerous habit of squeezing her head through her cage bars?  Well, I guess she was a little too lonely for the two days she was left with our friends, squeezed out of her cage, probably couldn't get back in, and...Edna is no longer with us.  Rest in peace, you silly bird.
 Saturday we field-tripped to the pet store! 
 After a long look-over, we picked the youngest and prettiest one!
Isn't she lovely?  Jason thinks its a boy and should be named Studebaker, Sparky, or Stu.  I'm deciding that she will be a girl because I need a female friend in this very-male household.  And so I'd like to introduce, in honor of the pageant broadcast this Saturday, there she is, "Miss America"!  After working with her just over the weekend, she'll already sit on our fingers and let us stroke her.  She has a beautiful tweet and I feel so cool having a pageant girl as a friend!

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