Wednesday, January 11, 2012

15 Months so close to nursury-age!  It looks like we'll get to drop Link-Link off in nursury and be child-free for a couple hours of church for a maybe two weeks, at best, before we add another little guy to the picture!  Lincoln is a hand-full, but so much fun! 

Crawling and pushing chairs are the prefered mode of transportation around here.  I think he could totally walk if he wanted to, but its just a confidence issue. 
This little guy warms my heart!  He gets comments that he has a 'cartoon happy' look to him, and that he is every bit just like his daddy.  I think Lincoln's hair is just about the exact color and texture of Jason's.  He's a great shopping buddy, listener, and pasta-eater.  He's into taking things apart to find the batteries, and will finally sit through a book without grabbing it out of our hands.  We haven't gotten any words out of him besides "dada", and unless he steps it up before his 15-month appt., he's gonna get signed up for speech early intervention!  "Why speak when Mom already interprets everything I grunt about?"
Only when I'm watching him very closely does he get to play with the money jar.  Oh the fascination with tiny shiny objects.  Or maybe he just wants to be like Dad who gets to play with money all day too :).


Natalie and Steve said...

CUTE! We just realized that Kelsey and Josh will be in nursery together for two months! Whoo!

Carrie said...

He's too cute! And I wouldn't worry about the speech thing. Brian literally didn't know any words a month before his 2nd birthday. Then all of a sudden that month he picked up 50 words. I think the oldest just are a little slower. They have us speaking for them all the time. Silly kids!

Diana said...

Lincoln is cute! I wish you guys lived closer so that I got to see him grow up. I guess these adorable pictures will have to do for now.