Friday, August 5, 2011

Ruby Baby

Truth be told, I was in love with the name "Ruby" for a baby girl once upon a time, before it became hugely popular and before Jason immediately ruled it off the list. Even before I was married, I started throwing red scraps together to someday make a baby quilt for my Ruby. Since Ruby will never be, and I may not even have any girls, I found this strip and thought I'd slice it up and make hot pads for my red kitchen. Now I am not a quilter, by any means. You should browse my sister in law's blog for that one: . No, my quilting skills are quite beginner, but I do see the appeal. Let me get some curtains up and pictures of the apartment are soon coming.

1 comment:

Kati said...

Cute! You did a fabulous job. I think you'd make a great quilter!