Monday, April 18, 2011

Race Day

Today is Boston Marathon Day! We met up with Dad at work to go to lunch and see the first of the finishers. He said there was hardly anyone at work--they all take the day off for Patriots Day. We'd never even heard of it.

Jason wanted to take me to Boston Commons Coffee Co. for lunch, where the paninis are to die for.

Of course, the city was swamped, and this was the closest we could get, but you can see the blue finish line in the back. Our ward was almost doubled yesterday because of all the visitors in town for the race. What an awesome event!Lincoln konked out.

I looked up qualifying times for Boston--turns out my marathon time from Logan could qualify me to run here if I were 60-64. Ha!

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Jolena said...

I ran Boston a few years ago and it was awesome! I bet it was so much fun to watch. The fans all along the route were the best. Cheering crowds for 26.2 miles is pretty amazing.