Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pinewood Derby - 1 out of ?

We had our ward Pinewood Derby last night! It was fun having a project we could do together! Obviously, Jason took the designing, cutting, and sanding much more seriously.
Then we pulled out the trusty woodburner, my weapon of choice on the table project.
Can you name all these Boston landmarks?
Is that my car coming in 1st or last?!
And in the "Open" category, seeing as half of our ward consists of MIT students, we had some pretty incredible cars!
We unded up in 19th and 30th place, losing to all the cub scout cars that Jason helped them make.
But not a total loss--I won "Best Paintjob" :)

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Mom Millar said...

Congratulations on some fantastic cars! It really doesn't matter who wins, it's how much fun you have making the car. . . . Right?