Thursday, April 14, 2011

Man of the House

I get to host Mommy Club (New Mothers Group) at my house every Thursday this month and I'm loving it! Truly the highlight of my week! (And the house is already clean because we have continuous apartment showings and open houses going on. That's a whole 'nother song and dance) Usually Lincoln ends up being the only boy among all the little girls and their mothers. He's gonna love Nursery in this ward!
So I guess he's sitting up now? He still wobbles and can't last more than 5 seconds before he topples. Should I put the sticker on the milestone calendar when he can stay up for 30 seconds? A minute? What's the qualifying time here?


Melissa said...

I bet he's hoping this girl to boy ratio holds up through his YM years! He is such an adorable boy. I am so enjoying watching him grow.

Camille said...

Oh I bet he would! Only we'll definitely be moving before our kids are in grade school. Somerville has terrible schools and I will not raise my kids in this ward of intellectual liberals!