Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Stars

Remember that one time Jason and I were extras for a day? The new version of the Joseph Smith movie is out! And we're in it!To see us, go to and go the last two minutes of the movie. At exactly 1:00:47, freeze the screen, and bam! I'm right there in the 2nd row! Ok, now look back at the temple door. Maybe six rows from the back, a few heads to your right, you can see Jason's head. At second 48, someone moves their head and you can see me again to the left of Jason for a split second! Cool huh!What's even cooler is knowing how they made this scene. What looks like hundreds of people in the Nauvoo temple was really maybe 75 people at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in front of a green screen. They filmed us in sections of rows, then we got up, shuffled around and sat in different seats, and they filmed the same few seconds again and again. When they put it all together, we look like a huge congregation, when really, each of us are in there in 6 or 7 different places!With Lucy Mack Smith!
Our big claim to fame as movie stars, and I wasn't allowed to wear ANY makeup!

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Mom Millar said...

That is so very cool! Maybe there's a career here for you!