Monday, February 16, 2009

Aerobics Class

Last week in my Teen Living class (its an elective semester-long class for 9th graders, with 33 girls and 3 boys, and my absolute favorite class to teach), we were talking for a day about stress and stress-relieving techniques--the most important being diet and exercise. So the day before, I told them to dress comfortable, bring a water bottle, and don't forget deoderant! When they got to class, I had moved all the desks and chairs to the side, and started playing "Pump Up the Jam", and led them through a pretty intense 20-min. aerobic workout. I made sure to throw in a lot of masculine taebo moves so that the 3 boys in my class would get more into it. Then we laid on the floor and listened to Enya while I led them through a deep breathing visualization activity. I love Stress Day. The kiddies probably think I'm crazy :)

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Diana and Marc said...

I bet they all loved it. It sounds fun to me!