Monday, January 26, 2009

God Bless Insurance

Last night while we were visiting the cousins for a Sunday dessert night, someone hit our car :( We had just come from a dinner with some of my old roommates and spouses, and we put our leftover jello bowl up on the dashboard. When we came back to our car, I noticed the parking job a lot more crooked that usual. Jason opened my door and we found the jello splashed all over the passenger seat. Gross. Then Jason walked behind the car to his side, and we went home. It wasn't till this morning that we both walked outside, and..."someone hit our car!" The front headlight was pretty smashed, with red car paint scraped around it. Well, thank goodness for insurance, that's all I can say! With a few errands this morning, I got Schroeder to a USAA approved body shop, where they estimated $2,000 of damage. The shop said they could start working on it today, USAA got me a car rental reservation, and I was picked up in 10 min. At the lot, I picked out a beautiful red 2009 Chevy Impala for the week! With only 600 miles on it! What a pretty car! Its making the whole experience a lot more bearable :)

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Sarah H said...

We have USAA too and I've had good experiences with them.
HOw annoying that someone hit your car and didn't leave a not!