Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh What a World

The economy crisis is a little scary right now, for everyone, employed or otherwise, securely situated, or on the verge of being laid off. I thought the U.S. would always need educators, but apparently, no one is safe. Our district is cutting costs by 4% this year, and 12% next year. Policy says to lay off the newly hired, part-timers first, which would be me and me, but somehow the administration thinks our school will be ok. We’re reducing the number of copies and school supplies and taking away all field trips, but hopefully because of the hiring freeze, and still additional students coming in next year, everyone can keep their job. Good news, though--last month, we were told that the State Board of Education is taking back their promise of giving us a $1000 signing bonus, but apparently today they changed their mind and are actually going to follow through with it.

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Sabrina said...

I hope you are safe through all the economic mess. I didn't think the education sector would be hit either, but I guess if the money's not there, they have to do something too. We'll keep our fingers crossed and keep you in our prayers also. Glad to hear you got your bonus after all.