Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes it's true, we have an announcement! We have made it three months since we got married today!! Mua ha ha. Had you going there didn't I? You thought I was gonna say that something like we were getting a dog or a ficus tree? We went to the New Play Project tonight, which is where a bunch of local people submit plays that they've written and are performed at this little tiny theater at 100 N and 100 E in Provo. It was way good. What's more special about it, is that the New Play Project was Camille and I's first date back on the 1st of August last year. So Camille asked some director guy that she knew to stand up there and announce that today was a special date in the audience because the New Play Project was their first date back in August of last year, and now they are back celebrating their 3 month anniversary of their wedding. Little conniving wife... It was way good though. I was very impressed. Much better than the first time Cami and I went. Things are great with us. I'm looking for an internship right now. It's an extremely tough market right now. If anyone is looking for an intern, preferably paid, in the business sector, send them my way. That would be awesome.

(At the Valentine's Dance, the night before I cut Jason's hair :)

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Janae said...

Yeah! It would seem that the NPP brings lots of great couples together! My roommate first met her fiance at the NPP set that I was in. A few months later...and BAM! They were engaged. Now they're IN the show together and it's adorable. :)

Sorry, random story. Mostly I just want to congratulations! 3 months is a great anniversary! :)