Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our First Christmas Together!

Christmas in Idaho! It was a little hard being away from my Ohio home for the first time, but being able to spend Christmas with Jason made it wonderful!

Then up to the cabin! There was SO much snow, I've never seen so much!

I can't believe how much we slept all break. Its like we were catching up for one crazy semester!

New Year's Eve Solo Competition at First Night at the Provo Towne Center Mall. I sang "Hopelessly Devoted" and won 2nd place, which is totally cool, except that 1st place was an iPod! :(


Adam B said...

hahaha. I LOVE the "who cares. I won." t-shirt. :D Awesome!

Diana and Marc said...

That's so cool you won 2nd place. I'm sure you should have won 1st, though. Darnit! Such fun pictures. I understand about missing your own home for the holidays, but I'm glad you were with us.