Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coming up with a Rhyme for 2009

HAPPY 2009!!! 2008 was so great! I did student teaching, got a cellphone, graduated from college, bought a car, moved apartments 3 times, was an EFY counselor for a month, got a lead in a musical, met a boy, got engaged, and married! What a year!! The Church put on this New Years Eve Program at the Conference Center for the youth of the Church: and I've been watching them and loving them and crying and just feeling this HUGE love for the youth of the Church! Why do I love teenagers so much?! I really feel like I'll spend many years of my life in the Young Womens callings. We're taking down Christmas today and its a little sad. There is an end to all things, and this Christmas seemed especially long for some reason. Perhaps because I didn't have finals this year, so I had the whole December to think about it, without feeling obligated to only be thinking about school. Thank-you cards: the one thing that has been consuming my time as of late. Its been quite enjoyable, actually, mentally and physically saying thank-you again to all these people who've helped us so much. If you haven't gotten your thank-you from us, its coming! And Jason says, "hi".

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R*R said...

What a cute idea for a thank you card! You're so creative!!!

Tell Jason I say 'hi' too... lol