Friday, October 17, 2008


Aaaaaand we're in Ohio! We thought it'd be best for Jason to actually meet my parents before the wedding :) We're out and about from sun-up to sun-down, running errands, picking out Jason's tux, putting together all the flowers, scouring the entire state of Ohio for the right flowers and beads and napkins and ribbon, cutting/glueing/stamping/ribboning/addressing all 600 announcements, putting together the wedding video, etc. etc. etc. Its great fun! But I certainly only want to do this once in my life! 35 more days!!!

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BradenJH said...

Sorry, sister--I am most definitely recruiting your help for a weekend when I have my wedding and my fiancee has a million and one things for us to do. :) No, not really. Glad it went well though!