Thursday, November 6, 2008

15 is a Beautiful Number

Yay 15! My goodness, how quickly time flies! I'm absolutely loving life! I'm so excited to marry my best friend! So, I've moved in to our little married apartment, and its been so fun setting up house! Jason is living a few streets down with a roommate who is getting married in December. Its still lonely, and its still not home w/o Jason there, but its sure coming around! I love our evenings together, where we're putting up books and unpacking boxes, having dinner with limited dishes on our kitchen rug out of meals made without measuring cups or spoons, trying all night to set up our internet, and putting together our bed frame (which we got on Craig's List for $25!!! Beautiful cherry wood headboard and footboard with long posts that actually are too tall for our basement ceiling!) Ahh, married life is going to be wonderful!

1 comment:

Bain said...

did you guys end up getting the net set up? I have some skill in that area if it's still giving you trouble. =)