Thursday, March 26, 2015


The big news lately is that Jason has been accepted to both Cornell and Dartmouth for Business School!  We'll most likely choose Tuck (Dartmouth), and we're thrilled and excited!  Most of all, its nice to have a plan for the next two years.  I've been frantically looking up housing, schools, and the closest Joann Fabrics, as well as hitting up all the clearance racks for discounted winter gear.  Goodness knows we're in for some cooooold weather!

Miss B is charming us all with her cute smiles!!  I'll keep trying to catch it on camera...

My Dad came to visit for a weekend for Brighton's baby blessing!  The boys really love their Grandpa!

I'm really enjoying getting my evenings back for projects and sewing.  I had some pink eyelet scraps from this baby blanket that my mom put together, so I made a dress to go with it, though I don't think it will fit for a year or two.

Speaking of matching, these three love wearing their matching vests to church together.  Such handsome men I have.

And I took my daughter to our first princess movie together!  Cinderella, along with the dozen of my friends we went with.
I'm really going to miss my Boston friends!!

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