Friday, March 20, 2015

Here, Jason

Jason just threatened to start writing about economics and finance if I didn't update the family blog, so I'm getting my act back in order and posting what we've been up to the last month, which 95% has to do with Brighton!

My  mom came out for a week, and though of course, she was a HUGE help to me by playing with the boys and holding the baby, I also forget how much I need a cheerleader those first few weeks when the task of successfully mothering another child feels so insurmountable.

I also really needed my mom to help me take all these pictures!  I had a handful of outfits and accessories I needed reviewed so we just kept taking more and more glamour shots of this doll.

The boys are cutest older brothers!  They just dote on their little sister and love to pet her hair, find her binky, and make sure that all of the baby equipment is in proper working order.  Lincoln had a few meltdowns in the first few days after we brought B home, however.  A series of attention-seeking acts like the baby powder episode below helped us see that he needed a little more one-on-one time.  He's great now, and quite the responsible man of the house when Dad's away.

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