Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goodbye, Summer

Today was a particularly dreary and blustery day, and I'm feeling bummed about our lovely summer really at its end.  Despite feeling semi-crumby for the majority of it, I really loved this summer.  We sure had a good one!
We fit in a few more beach days (above is a beach on Cape Cod), and Lincoln had a BLAST with t-ball!  Poor Parley had to watch from the sidelines, but next summer, he can join the team.  My favorite moment was when the tee, bat, and ball were left unattended, and Parley (who has never tried this before in his life), picks up the bat, hits the ball pretty far, flings the bat, and runs to the base.  What a natural.
The Gutke's came to visit for a few days and we had fun playing all over town!  

My boys are just crazy about their cousins, and I had the time of my life at Amberlee's Feish!  So much big hair, glamor and dazzle!  It really took me back to show choir days and the thrill of a competition.  I'm going to the be worst 'dance mom'.
Near the end of August, we braved the Ward Campout, and it was actually super fun :) Jason and I were in charge of the Talent Show portion and the boys loved every minute of sleeping in a tent. 
The pictures on the right crack me up!  Usually these two are carefree, quick to jump right in, and just wild, and then on some days, they are cautious little spectators.  Best friends, they are, and I love spending my days with them!

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