Saturday, October 18, 2014

Catch Up

On one of the last warm days of September, we took the kids to the horse races at Suffolk Downs!  

We've been doing a lot of "School at Home with Mom" this Fall, and I've been surprised at how excited I've been to put these lessons together!  We've been alternating between "Picture Book Activities" by Trish Kuffner. and "Daily Preschool Experiences", which has complete lessons plans for 100 days, and lots of ideas that you can cater to where your children are.  I totally recommend it. 

 This was "Caps for Sale" Day, where we did counting, sorting, reenacted the story, pin the cap on the monkey, and played "hat shop".
This was a totally crazy day where we talked about "Scarecrows and Barns".  We made bandannas and paper vests, read barn stories, learned some square dances, made play-doh and corn cobs, played some math games with animals and painted a wooden barn! 
This is us being cute on my birthday, or atleast the day I chose to be my birthday, because the actual day was spent visiting Cornell.  (Grad school shopping is fun!)  Anyways, I spent it getting my hair done and met up with Jason for Indian food.  Can you guess who the bright yellow dress is for?!  I'm going crazy sewing for this little muffin!  Only 15 more weeks to sew! Ahhh!
For our 5th Anniversary, we went on a Bahamas CRUISE!  Tickets (both cruise and airline) were remarkably cheap at the begining of Sept, so we drove the kids out to my parents, and flew into Orlando for a relaxing and extremely chill 4 days sans the kids.  We went kayaking and snorkeling in two different ports, and found some pirate paraphernalia for our boys :)  The kids had a blast at Grandma's!  They just idolize their uncles.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!!
We could certainly call this warm chocolate melting cake the dessert of our marriage.  We've been consuming, taste testing, and trying to recreate this molten lava chocolate since the beginning of "Jason & Camille".
More on this gorgeous blue dress to come...

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