Monday, October 13, 2014

Every 4-Yr-Old Needs a Pirate Party

 Is there any event more highly anticipated with passionate excitement than your birthday when you're turning 4?!  This kid!  The joy was almost impossible to contain!
How fun to celebrate Marc's birthday as well!  We kept the party just between us and the DeGraffs, and I'm so glad we kept it small this year.  There is plenty of time for crazy kid parties.
I'd like to thank Pinterest for literally all of these ideas.  Sometimes you just don't have any creativity leftover after a crazy week.

More than anything, Lincoln has been wanting a "Jake Telescope" and  "Jake Sword" for months now.  Goodness knows what terror would have ensued had they not arrived in time!
It was all worth it when later that afternoon, he told Jason, "Dad, thanks for making my birthday so very very special!"  What a sweetie pants.

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