Thursday, July 3, 2014

Does it feel like we're always moving?

So we moved last month and it was crazy fun!  So much work for a 10-minute-away relocation, but we're able to keep paying a low rent, and we love love love this new place.  What a dream, huh?
 Long and narrow is the style, and the boys love running up and down it.
 Its a fresh remodel, so we've been enjoying all the new appliances and cringing with every fresh scratch on the hardwood floor that will have no one else to blame for.
Subway tile!
By the way, we've really enjoying have Diana live with us for the last 9 months!  We've enjoyed so many of her delicious meals, weekend outings, and chances to get out for late night dates.  Diana will so soon be reunited with Marc and they found a darling place in Roslindale!
Lincoln has claimed the twin bed Diana was using, and so Parley is in a toddler bed!  He is not a baby in any way anymore. If you open their bedroom window, you can climb out onto a balcony.  We found them out there this morning.  Looking into a way to really child-lock that thing.
Our room is huge, and still very much a work in progress...I'm hunting for a big shaggy rug.
The huge cherry on top is this bonus room upstairs.  Currently, I've claimed it as my photography studio, bathroom counter, and sewing space.  Isn't it incredible?
Two closets up here are filled with everything else we own: Christmas, camping gear, Jason's tools, luggage, baby stuff, space heaters, etc. and this little notch of space makes the perfect cove for a vanity.  I'm so spoiled.
And there you have it!  Even if grad school is just around the corner and we only stay a year, the move was totally worth it, and basically necessary to stay within budget.  Its really amazing, but probably not surprising, the more house you get as you move further out, even just 10 minutes.  And maybe here's hoping Jason gets into MIT Sloan and then we'd never have to move.  Ever.  What a thought!


Katie said...

i love it!!

Mom Millar said...

It was really fun to come visit you in June and see your new place. It is a great apartment for your little family. Thanks for the fun time you all showed me. I really enjoyed being with your family and Diana. Love you guys! Grandma Millar