Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aaaand its July

Eeeek!  I have so much to post about!  I'm glad Instagram reminds me of what we've done in the last few weeks, though that social medium has also been neglected almost as much as this blog lately.
We made cinnamon rolls (I think for General Conference?  In APRIL?!?  Wow, I'm behind...) and I whipped up a bunch of pillowcases for my friend Emily's business.  Too bad she's moving back to California.  I'm really going to miss my crafty chum!
Lately, we like to track down the Cookie Monstah truck, and if you don't know what it is, you haven't lived. 
I started purging in preparation for the month-long event of packing up the house, but if you were one of those that helped us on moving day, you'll probably find it hard to believe that we got rid of ANYTHING before moving day.  We still had a incredible whole heap of stuff to transport.  
  Lincoln and I tried a few weeks of a "Mother Goose Time" preschool co-op with some ward friends before the move.  I think its a great program, and I'd love to start it up again in the Fall.  Heaven knows that boy is going to go crazy with two more years at home with mom!  That other cute boy turned two and we thought he deserved an ice cream cone!
Then the weather FINALLY became bearable, and we hit the beach for the first time this season. Our favorite newlyweds (Braden & Lauren) came to Boston for a summer internship, and we've been enjoying some daytime play dates with Lauren!
One of which was a rockin tour of the Cambridge Fire Department!  Lincoln = SO HAPPY!
That horrible move happened, and we had so many friends come to help.  It was really amazing the support we had from both wards, new and old.  What a blessing, and what wonderful friends we have.  I think it was on Day 2 of unpacking that Lincoln dumped out half a bottle of baby powder and Parley ran around the entire house making these adorable foot prints.
Per tradition, we hit up the Scooper Bowl and ate our weight in ice cream.  Lincoln peed on me in a port-a-potty and we all still had a grand time!  That's all for now.  Surely another round of these cute, overly-filtered boxy pics will be up soon...

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