Monday, July 14, 2014

Big News!

We've got news!  We're going to see how a "family of 5" looks on us.  We're due Jan. 19th, and as excited as ever!  I'm just getting out of the morning sickness stage, which has been gross, but manageable.  I'm just so happy to be feeling normal again.  The boys have been great to bring me blankets and toast when I'm keeled over on the couch.  I have a huge belly already, and we're really excited about some cute names we actually agree on!


nicola said...

Such a cute announcement! Im glad you are feeling better. Enjoy!!

The Sweet Up and Down said...

Congratulations!! I'm a little behind on the Millar family updates, but that's amazing news!! I'm working at Harbor Area again now that the girls are older, and I think of you all often as I drive around :)