Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Next Blogging Adventure

You guys!  This week, I've started on as a contributor on Viva Veltoro!  I'll be slowing down and eventually leaving Dandy, but I'm thrilled about this next blogging adventure!  I'll be doing a new recipe/craft/project blog post each week, plus a giveaway or review on the side.  I'm excited about posting for a significantly larger audience and still getting to do what I love with giveaways, while at the same time having an excuse to start and FINISH all these projects I've had swirling in my head for months and months!  My first post was this Happy Easter Egg Cake I created in a frantic frenzy Monday morning (just after arriving home from a red-eye from CA).  More on that soon...

See and read the full recipe with more pictures at HERE or at!

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Mego said...

oh nice! I saw that post but didn't realize that was you! Congrats Cami!