Thursday, December 12, 2013

Evan Day

Boy oh boy, am I sorry for the lack of blogging this month.  The giveaway business kind of explodes mid-Nov until mid-Dec, and its been absolutely nuts for the past few weeks.  Things are finally slowing down and I can't contain my excitement for Christmas vacation!  Especially to spend some more time with one of my favorite guys:
Today is Evan Day, as he is undergoing his 4th brain surgery to remove another brain tumor.  At this point, he has reached his life limit of radiation, but as far as I understand, there are new kinds of chemotherapy that are available since the last time he did this 4 years ago.  Evan is a pillar of optimism, and I'm sure he'll be just fine and back to his happy, humorous and wonderful self soon.  Here's to a speedy recovery and all the love in the world, Evan!