Saturday, November 30, 2013

Countdown til Christmas!

Now that Thanksgiving is finally over, its Christmas time for real, and I can hardly stand it!  I'm a sucker for Christmas countdowns, thanks to Mom!  This one was really fun to put together.

Start by making 24 pockets.  I outlined them in double-sided white bias tape because it curls so nicely around curved edges.

Make a strip of fabric for the binding, and paint up twenty four buttons.  I found these blank wood buttons on eBay for cheap cheap cheap.

Sew button holes in the pockets, then lay everything out on a big quilted rectangle and sew the pockets down around the outer curve.  Add the binding and loops up top.
 We used a basic wood dowel rod: painted it white and drilled holes in the ends to run a string through.
 Then chock it full of candy and treats!

 This turned out really big--about a door's width, so hanging on the back of a door might be a great idea for saving wall space.

Merry Christmas!!

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Charisse Baldwin said...

This is amazing and such a cute idea!!!