Friday, October 11, 2013

My baby is THREE!

 Oh where has the time gone?  Lincoln has gone from my chunky little baby, to my cheeky little toddler, to my sweet spunky boy!
 We're all in agreement that Link is well over the terrible two's, and is becoming quite a charming little police helper around the house.  He makes sure that little brother stays in line and knows his place :)

 I was SOOOO excited to give this boy a fun birthday!  I almost couldn't sleep the night before with all the anticipation of making his day magical.  I gave him a whole day of one-on-one attention and after making cupcakes together, we went all over town to get balloons, library movies, and frozen pizzas.
 Then it was party time at (Early Intervention) Playgroup!
 I loved seeing how far he's come in the last year of IE.  When he started this a year ago, he knew 2-3 words and rarely said anything, and now he is King of the Classroom.  He tells everyone else just what is going on, what songs to sing, what books to read, when it is snack time...

(Now that he's three, IE ends and he'll still get a little classroom help in the public schools, but only for 30 min./week) 

The biggest hit was this old-school 3-D Viewmaster filled with family pictures!  We couldn't get his eyes out of it all evening!

And THANK YOU grandmas for the wonderful gifts!


Carla said...

So cute! Happy birthday Lincoln!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I LOVE the ViewMaster!!! Such a cool idea!!!