Monday, October 28, 2013

18 Months of a Man

Parley Pants is 18 months old, and we all know what that means!  NURSERY!  My word, we're exhausted from chasing this one around!
 Parley is one completely impossible toddler.  He is a child like no other in his devious endeavors.  He will push chairs over to the table so that he can climb on top and throw picture frames off the walls.  If you turn your back for a moment at church, he has already ran down the hall, and disappeared to another floor via the elevator.  Yesterday he broke skin after biting Jason on the shoulder.  Sometimes I just have to exclaim, "Oh, he was such a good infant!" and hope that one day he will go back to his easy going ways :)
 But crazy can be fun too.  I was running around in a frantic frenzy trying to snap pictures of absolutely anything for this photoshoot.  He make look stationary, but he was really darting in every direction, and as soon as I lifted my eyes from my camera, he was already in the street.
 He is SO FAST!  Legs like a cheetah.
And the face of an angel!
We love you so much, little man!  You crazy crazy little man!


Travis said...

He is seriously my favorite. I feel such a kinship with this boy. Don't tell Link Link :)

Holly Hancock said...

What a good uncle you are, Trav! Sheesh. But he is such a little stud :)

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I know all about cheetah legs! My son is the same way. Photo shoots without Dad is just about impossible. This age just doesn't sit still. No wonder they are so skinny. ha ha

Love Parley's expressions :)

Natalie and Steve said...

Your kids seriously started cute, but it's ridiculous that they continue to get cuter!!
I'm so pleased for you that you can now give him away to those poor, unsuspecting nursery leaders!

Kati said...

He looks so old with all the curls gone! What a cutie!

Camille said...

Oh you all know how to flatter a mom--just compliment her kids!